Seminar Developer and Presenter
Dr. Fluck has developed and taught over 1,200 documented intercultural and global-competence seminars in K-12 (elementary, middle and high school), as well as in the undergraduate and graduate university and college level. Furthermore, he has developed and offered professional seminars for communities, non-profits and businesses, promoting cultural and international cooperation and understanding.
Diversity Programs and Services Developer
Dr. Fluck has developed and directed several, award-winning intercultural and global-competence-building programs and services. At the University of Montana: Multicultural Learning Solutions (2003 – 2013) and Global Gateway (2013 – 2016), IGCTC since 2016 and Global and Cultural Affairs in Arts Missoula, since 2018.
For over two decades, Dr. Fluck has been a student mentor, serving several terms as the President of the International Student Association and later as Faculty Advisor for the ISA at the University of Montana. Since 2006, Dr. Fluck has served on ten graduate student committees, including four doctoral committees, two of the Ph.D. students he “hooded” as committee chair.
Dr. Fluck has developed and facilitated professional cultural and global competence trainings for organizations and their employees, coaching individuals and work teams to develop critical problem-solving skills that lead to creative solutions to common challenges, providing organizations and their workforces with a valuable competitive advantage in today’s economy.
Conference and Keynote Speaker
Dr. Fluck maintains an active, nationally recognized research program. He has been an invited speaker at 30 national and international conferences, symposia, and colloquia, sharing his research results and pedagogical approaches of the past two decades. In fall 2019 he provided the keynote presentation titled: Collaboration Through Intercultural Communication at the New Zealand Sister Cities Conference in Palmerston North, New Zealand, as well as a presentation titled: Citizen Diplomacy and Sister Cities at the 2019 AFS Global Conference in Montreal, Canada.
In 2020, Dr. Fluck, in collaboration with the Missoula Broadcasting Company’s radio station The Trail 1033, started his own podcast series “International Voices with Udo Fluck”. International Voices is a monthly 60-minute podcast, published the first Thursday of every month. Episodes feature leaders of global education, trade, business, science, and government covering a wide array of current topics and interests. It also informs the listener about upcoming new, as well as established community programming events, activities, and collaborations with other local organizations. International Voices is sponsored by Park Side Credit Union in Missoula and is part of the Global and Cultural Affairs in Arts Missoula community programming.
Author and Co-Author
Dr. Fluck has published primarily as a lead author and has collaborated with colleagues and researchers from his alma mater and other U.S. universities on scholarly articles since the mid-1990s. His research results in pedagogy, instructional design and curriculum development have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, including the Journal of Global Business and the Journal of International Business Education. I was invited first author for a chapter in a nationwide publication, International Students Strengthening a Critical Resource. Published in 2009, the book is endorsed by the American Council on Education and part of the American Council on Education Series on Higher Education.