Professional Experiences

Director, Global and Cultural Affairs, Arts Missoula, City of Missoula
2018 - Ongoing

Dr. Fluck's mission in Arts Missoula's Global and Cultural Affairs is to connect cultures and communities through education, advocacy and cultural events, providing a window to a world rich in cultures, traditions, customs and values, domestically and internationally. He develops and implements professional, individual, intercultural skill enhancement seminars and complete intercultural competence-building programs, focusing on cultural sensitivity training for city and county employees, K-12 schools, non-profit organizations and other public groups. Connecting not only the diverse cultures within our community, but also linking Missoula to its sister cities around the globe, is part of promoting global and cultural affairs. (www,

Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Business, University of Montana
2004 - Ongoing

While at the University of Montana, he founded, developed, and oversaw one of the largest multicultural and global training offices, providing courses and seminars for students, faculty, and staff across UM’s campus between 2004 and 2016. This includes a range of courses, from 100-level undergraduate to 600-level graduate seminars, on topics related to intercultural and international education and educational leadership. Dr. Fluck was an Instructor at Large, teaching for the College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Forestry and the College of Humanities and Sciences. He maintains his connection to his Alma Mater, as an Adjunct Associate Professor in the College of Business, teaching 400-level evening courses in cross-cultural management and 600-level weekend graduate seminars in managing across cultural and ethical borders.

Curriculum Developer and Faculty, Salish Kootenai College
2018 - Ongoing

Dr. Fluck is also the curriculum designer for the National Science Foundation’s Resilience through Intercultural Skill Enhancement (RISE), housed at the Salish Kootenai College campus on the Flathead Reservation, in Montana, USA. RISE is an intercultural educational series developed for students that provides participants with knowledge and skills that will help them thrive in environments that are culturally different from their own. 

Founder and Director of Training, Intercultural and Global Competency Training and Consulting (IGCTC)
2016 - Ongoing

In 2016, he founded Intercultural and Global Competence Training and Consulting (IGCTC), a LLC based in Missoula, developing and providing seminars for business professionals, companies and non-profit organizations in Missoula and across the State of Montana ( In 2016, Dr. Fluck launched IGCTC, an LLC based in Missoula, building on the award-winning multicultural and diversity training structure, he developed and led at the University of Montana between 2004 and 2016. I am consulting businesses, developing and offering intercultural and global competency seminars. Dr. Fluck joined the Montana World Trade Center Tech Export Team, an initiative that will help Montana businesses and industries move to the forefront of technical exports, by bringing together an experienced team, that offers practical training for communication, collaboration and negotiation with culturally diverse individuals

Director, Global Gateway, University of Montana
2013 - 2016

As Director of Global Gateway, Dr. Fluck managed an innovative service portal in multicultural and global education and provided training opportunities for University of Montana faculty, students and staff. He provided leadership and vision for curricular and co-curricular initiatives that foster diversity. He developed and executed social and cultural programming and planned and promoted events that stimulate student success and retention. He collaborated with a wide variety of academic departments, to ensure diversity content and perspectives were infused in existing curricula. He advised and mentored students of underrepresented groups, participated in student orientation programming and developed and coordinated community outreach.

Director, Multicultural Learning Solutions (MLS), University of Montana
2004 - 2013

Multicultural Learning Solutions' pedagogical approach and structure were tested in pre- and post-instruction assessments, conducted in Dr. Fluck's doctoral program. The MLS learning model featured flexible instructional methodologies to accommodate cultural differences in students, their learning styles and needs.
Through MLS, Dr. Fluck designed and offered courses and trainings, primarily for students, faculty and staff at the University of Montana, with the goal to provide learning solutions that result in greater multicultural awareness and increased appreciation for diversity. This is achieved through traditional curricular and co-curricular experiences and activities.